1.How do I know you’re legit?

We know there's a few scams out there when buying fake or novelty IDs. We’re in business to stay in business. We’re not in business to scam. You can also contact us for more proof if you still have any doubt.

Our good quality ids and services have gained a lot of reliable customers. We are a referral and word of mouth business, you may would most likely heard of us from some friends.

2. About Price

Please check our price page on the main menu .For group order, just contact us via email(sale@idsmaster.com. for more details) group order is very good deal, The more the cheaper.

3.About payment method

We will contact you with payment instructions once your order is sent in.

4.What information can I make on my ID? How customizable is my ID?

You can choose the name, address, ID #, your photo, add your own signature, your birthday, expiration and issue date. Nothing else can be changed, you cannot change the class (yet) or the bottom right discriminator. The ID is very customizable. You are responsible for filling out all the fields.

5.About custom address

You can provide real address for your ids address,pls write on the form of Custom address on the application. and we would can also provide you random but true address for your custom ids address.

6.About Photo

it’s pretty simple, use a digital camera against light color wall(better white wall) and make sure the flash is on. NO PASSPORT PHOTOS, they are not high quality, they are very small, and when you scan them they come out like crap. You are responsible for your own photo quality. You can't claim the photo too blurry when you received the ids but that were provided by yourself.

7.About signature

Attach a signature to your order form when submit to us.

Best to sign on a white piece of paper in black ink and photo or scan it.

If you do not upload one to the order form, we will supply one for you when applicable.

8.About Expiration / Issue date?

Your fake license will be valid for the same amount of time as if it were real.

We usually pre date our licenses 60 days to make them not look as if you just received it.

We only make ids for over 21age,for under 21 at the time of issue fake licenses we back date it as well to look legitimate.

You are always welcome to provide custom dates for us to use in the Additional Information box on the order form.

9.About Black light test

We use Ultra Violet (UV) ink for printing the same security features a real one has and those license that have it in their hologram laminate, we clone it to be the same.

10.About the backs of the cards

Each card has an authentic looking design for each state and looks the same as a real one.

These designs include bar codes and magnetic strips (where applicable) which will be correctly encoded according to your order form information, so they will scan the correct information.

11.About scan

Yes, we encode them just as a real one is encoded, so it may be read by any scanners.

Any scanner that any bouncer or store uses. Although there are some new advanced scanners hitting the market (not common at all yet) that are high resolution scanners that we cannot beat yet. We are not responsible if it doesn’t scan at one of these higher end places. Try to avoid scanners that look like image scanners. Use only barcode scanners.

12.About Tracking number for parcel

Tracking number will be provided once the order parcel has been shipped. We will keep you updating for the order status throughout the progress. We use priority express for your order, so you would get it very soon.

Normally it takes one week to get to you from the time of your payment.

13.Can I still add some more ids after the payment?

You can still add some more before our shippment, so it doesn't matter whether you pay already or not, just ensure we have not yet ship, the new additional ones still share the certain price of group.

14.What is the average timeframe from purchase to receiving your product?

The average is one week or more.

We would normally despatch the ids within two days after received the payment, We send the ids parcel by USPS Priority Express, it normally takes around one week or more for delivery.

15.Do I have to worry about Customs?

No, even the parcel may sometimes caught by customs, we would still resend , just ensure all of our customers can finally get the ids.

16.Can we choose some states ids for our group?

Of course, everyone can choose the state ids as he/she likes, group order just ensure the parcel was sent together, but not require the ids to be all the same states.

17.I don’t understand my order status? Ready to process, in production, incomplete, confirmed, etc…

We would always response you via email what the status of your order, will feedback once received your order, and also update the ids status after the payment. We would always provide you the pic for your final ids and also the tracking number of your parcel for your further reference. So that you can always knows the status of your order.

We would keep you updating for the status of your order.

18.How discreet is your shipping

Very discreet, there is nothing suspicious about our packages, and of course we do not mention our company name. The ids were covertly packaged with some toys.Over 90% of Our package could go through the Custom.